Digital technology has become an integral part of people's life in modern society. The rapidly advancing technologies today make our life more convenient and filled with surprising wonders. As digital technology progresses, digital artists have also been continuously exploring all possible creative media and artistic expression, awakening human being's warmest feelings and emotions through a combination of cold technological media and artistic passion.

Since its beginning in 2006, Taipei Digital Art Festival has arrived at the twelfth year. Over the past eleven years, Taipei Digital Art Festival organized a wide and diverse range of digital art competitions and events, rendering the festival an esteemed digital art platform both in Taiwan and abroad. Taiwan has been known as the island of technology, and the festival has transformed the island into a brilliant rising star in the international digital art scene. With Conflux・Infinity—Collaboration Now & Forever as its theme, this year's Taipei Digital Art Festival emphasizes on the concept of inclusivity and enjoyment for all people by changing the impression that the festival is only for digital artist elites with high qualifications. Meanwhile, it also centers on the unique practice of "interdisciplinary collaboration" in digital art. Artists with individual specialties from different fields collaborate to discuss and brainstorm for digital art creations, bringing their work to perfection together.

In recent years, Taipei City has hosted various international events, such as World Design Capital Taipei 2016 and Taipei 2017 Summer Universiade, demonstrating ample soft power of culture as well as the global vision of an international city. I look forward to seeing that the 12th Taipei Digital Art Festival 2017 will not only be an urban art festival but also a portal of digital art that connects Taipei and the world, and through rich and superb performances and exhibitions, enables the beautiful city of Taipei to continue expanding its creative energy.

Commissioner, Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government
Chung Yung-Feng

Curatorial Statement

As an important urban art festival in Asia, the Digital Art Festival Taipei employs the city as a base and invites artists, all citizens and art enthusiasts to participate in digital art. Together, we shall create an ever happening collaborative relationship that brings together different fields, embraces all identities, includes all diverse interests and unifies the body and mind. Upholding the concept of Conflux.Infinity as the theme of the Digital Art Festival Taipei 2017, we use Taipei as a geographical center and encourage all participants to be more than just viewers and actively engage in the art festival through digital art and artworks.

Conflux.Infinity denotes multiple meanings: it refers to the convergence of energies from different parts of the world and conveys regional significance; it points to the tolerance of differences and demonstrates positive significance; it symbolizes the ensemble of multifaceted knowledge and manifests dynamic significance; and it also represents the accumulation of past and future, and therefore, has temporal significance. The conflux beckons at infinite possibilities that enable collaborations between artists and different professions and disciplines. Digital tools can form an online network that serves as a platform for displaying urban experiences within and without this island. Art enthusiasts or general citizens can enjoy a new aspect of equality, boundarylessness and free participation by applying the concept of identity as a vehicle without limiting themselves to a dichotomy defined by the roles of artists and viewers.

The artworks and activities featured in Conflux.Infinity - Collaboration Now & Forever are all conceived through the ideas of convergence, collaboration, and ever-going development. The creative approaches and artwork forms of digital art should not be fixed; neither should digital art be defined by how artworks are displayed. Meanwhile, all fields should enjoy the possibility of collaborating with digital art. Therefore, setting itself apart from the past eleven Digital Art Festivals, Conflux.Infinity - Collaboration Now & Forever hopes to offer a viewing experience that genuinely belongs to the city, provides participatory diversity, presents surprises in collaboration, and shatters barriers and limits.

Sappho, L. C. Loh

Curatorial Team

Curator │ Li-Chen Loh
Organizer │ Sean C.S Hu
Executive Team │ Chan Hua-Tzu, Chang Yu-Chen, Chang Yi
Assistant Researcher │ Hsu Chun-Chun, Lee Yueh-Ning
Visual Designer │ Chen Yen-Ru, Wei Wen-Ru
Exhibition Designer │ Chen Wei-Ting
Technical Equipment │ ART WAR COMPANY
Lighting Designer │ Ho Chung-Chang
Social Media Marketing │ An Hsuan Hsuan, CHIANG Yi-Hsuan, Joy Hsu
Video Production │ Broshood Design Studio
Website Production │ A COPY OF A COPY