Light Barrier second edition
Kimchi and Chips

On view in this exhibition is their dynamic installation, Light Barrier Second Edition, which uses an interplay of light and shadow to reflect the meaning of life. This unique installation offers a physical perception of life. Instead of a two-dimensional projection, the installation employs a three-dimensional projection. The surface of each concave mirror, its position as well as its rear structure is carefully calculated and simulated. A strong beam of light is projected from above and reflected into the air, creating an illusory physicality of light. The sound field constructed by the loudspeakers creates an immersive audio environment that further incites audience's senses and strengthens the projection's effect. The artists hope to explore the issues of life, death and rebirth through the flickering, dispersing, converging, spinning, and shimmering light, guiding audiences to experience a new mode of existence. This work was extremely well-received in the STRP Festival in the Netherlands, and won the Award of Distinction in the 2017 Ars Electronica held in Linz, Austria.

Kimchi and Chips was founded by British artist Elliot Woods and Korean artist Mimi Son in 2009. The artist collective has exhibited extensively around the world. They specialize in employing physical principles to deconstruct existing modes to create dream-like technological art installations with innovative artistic approaches and precise mathematic calculation. Their work displays the infinite possibilities hidden in the world of digital information, embodying an aesthetics that is never seen before.

Media: Convex Mirrors 、 Projection 、 Scanning / Size:Dimension Variable / Year:2015