The Mirage of History
Wang Hsin-Jen

The Mirage of History won the First Prize in the 10th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2015. This work was created when Wang joined the Sunflower Student Movement, during which Wang witnessed incoherent information, speeches and stances that prompted him to reflect on his own ideas and understanding as well as their relations to the truth. He also expands his reflection to the discussion of historical writing and how a recorder's personal feelings might interfere with his or her perspective. Through this work, he attempts to restore the original feeling and perception he had at the beginning.

Wang Hsin-Jen holds an MFA in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. Specializing in multi-media image design and interactive programming, Wang actively engages in the activities of OpenLab Taipei, advocating and promotion the use of open source. He is also a lecturer at various museums and art institutions. In addition to promoting free software, Wang creates interactive image for theatre and dance companies, hoping to improve the public's understanding of digital art through using open source.

Media: Real Time Rendering audio-visual (triple channel) / Size:350x60x40(CM) / Year:2015