Sanssouci Park

Born in Taiwan in the 80s, Liao recalled that images of European scenic spots were extensively used when taking family portraits. These images would show Roman columns and street views with Western buildings, demonstrating a certain, stereotypical imagination of Europe. These photographic backdrops not only manifested people's longings but also their fantasies about remote places; as the photographs were taken, their self-inflating desires were fulfilled as well. Sanssouci Park revolves around a woman's life story, using two fierce fires as the work's overture. The woman first suffered a fire set to her home in her middle age; the other fire took place after her death. All memories in her life became indistinct and uncertain as her photographs were gradually consumed by fire. The image of the video as well as the narration revealed great disparities between her dream and reality; and all romantic fantasies became excuses to help her cope with the cruel reality that was her life.

Liao Chi-Yu holds an MFA in Technological Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. She has been nominated for the Taipei Arts Awards several times, and has won the First Prize in Sound/Image in the 5th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2010. Liao performs in her own videos, which explore the subtle, delicate feelings in life.

Media: Dual-channel video, Color, Sound / Size:11min 15sec / Year:2015