CHENG Hsien-Yu

Born in Kaohsiung, Taiwan in 1984, Cheng Hsien-Yu earned his master’s degree in I.M.E. from the Frank Mohr Institute, the Netherlands in 2011. Revolving around the relational quaternity of human behavior, sentiments, software and machines, most of his artworks are experimental installations comprised of electronic equipment, software and bioenergy devices. The artist tends to animate his artworks or grant them raisons d’être in a humorous way, thereby implying his appreciation of the immediate environment.

Sandbox is a piece of work originating from Injector, the artist’s ongoing project, aiming to bestow machines with imaginative minds. In the exhibition room deliberately left blank, this work uses SMS messages to introduce a couple of absent artworks, and thereby encourages the viewers to imagine them. All the mentioned artworks involve something which people believe its actual existence but find no way to prove. This work thus reflects the fact that some things have been always there long before we discover and utilize them, yet they do not exist before we can imagine and define them.

“Radio has been always there before we discover it, just like the matters do not exist before we define them.”

We suggest turning your mobile phone off or switching it to airplane mode in advance if it really concerns you that this work may affect its function.

Media: SDR 、 Custom Software 、 Computer / Size:Dimension Variable / Year:2016