Twinkle series

Twinkle series won the First Prize in the 7th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2012. Like most creative activities, cooking is driven by desire. Human's pursuit of ideal has created the culinary art. The factors of history and story turn the subject of "appetite" into a complicated matter, which sets human beings apart from animals. The artist views cooking as a skill; and thinking about the person that eats the food when preparing it is love expressed through action. The video begins from a perspective at a corner of the table and visualizes various dietary elements and characters, constructing a collective human experience of dining. However, the stories hidden in memory quietly take effect and form a different recipe.

Liao Chi-Yu holds an MFA in Technological Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. She has been nominated for the Taipei Arts Awards several times, and has won the First Prize in Sound/Image in the 5th Digital Art Festival Taipei 2010. Liao performs in her own videos, which explore the subtle, delicate feelings in life.

Media: 9 Single channel video, AP︱per 2 min 30 sec