Ice Circle
Youki Hirakawa

Ice Circle is an eight channel video installation deals with relationship between human existence and nature environment, particularly, megalithic culture and ice age. Eight videos show eight glacial erratics in different landscapes, which has been filmed in different places around northern Germany.

Glacial erratic is boulders which have been moved by glacial movements from one location to another in the ice age. It has been widely scattered countries around The Baltic Sea, and some of them have been carried by glacier over than 400km. Since many of those boulders have different materiality as its surroundings, thus most of them have legends or folk tales related to devil and witch, even some of them called "Devils Rock".

The artist visited many of those boulders in northern Germany, and filmed it with landscapes. Immersive panoramic landscape brings you to inside of an ideal stone-circle that leads you to consider relationship with megalithic culture, ice age and even the birth of human existence.

Berlin-based Japanese artist Youki Hirakawa specializes in representing time with image, revealing and releasing the time hidden behind things and space. By doing so, the artist highlights the fluid existence of time in space. Through his observation of natural materials and daily objects, Hirakawa photographs or films the changes of his subjects for a long period of time, adding a sense of tender life into digital technology. Removed of colors and sounds as well as indicators of time and space, his work surfaces as slow-paced and refined visual poetry that invites viewers to slow down their pace and re-perceive the world from a new perspective.

Media: 10 min each 、 Mute 、 Black & White 、 Full HD 8 Channel Video Installation / Size:Dimension Variable / Year:2017