YAO Chung-Han

Yao is fascinated by fluorescent light's vital and vibrant sound and light expression, and expands its sound into an extensive audio receptive system. LLAP stands for "Laster - Lamp - Audio Performance," which is the continuation of his previous work LLSP (Laster - Lamp - Sound - Performance). Using glistening circular fluorescent lights and laser beams that run vertically and horizontally, the artist creates a simple visual plane, orchestrating a minimalistic symphony of fluorescent light and laser. The work explores the boundary between precision and imprecision as well as the dialogue between digital and analogous signals and their conversion. At the same time, Yao adds the element of electronic music into this work, hoping to expand the discussion about the nature of our auditory perception free from the limiting categorization of noise, sound and music.

Yao Chung-Han hold an MFA in Technological Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. He employs the corresponding and contrasting relations of light and sound to trigger viewers' imagination of physical senses. A pioneer in Taiwan's sound and light art, Yao has won the First Prize in Sound Art in Digital Art Festival Taipei, and has participated in Fukuoka Asia Triennale, NTT ICC - Emergencies!014 (Tokyo), STEIM - Massive Light Boner (Amsterdam), City Sonic: International Sound Art(s) Festival (Belgium), Long Beach Museum of Art - Beyond the Frame: New Media Arts from Taiwan (LA), and The Way Things Go at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. He is an assistant professor at department of architecture of shih chien university.

Media: Laser 、 Fluorescent Lamps 、 Speaker 、 Electronic Devices / Size:Dimension Variable / Year:2014