Seen/Unseen N°0 [hyper.data ver.]

Seen/Unseen is a continuation of his creative project, Seen/Unseen N°0. This installation reveals the massive data and seismic waveforms from the 311 Japanese Earthquake unseen in the previous work; it converts them into programming and sounds that are materialized through a liquid installation. The visualized data structure as well as the extremely low-frequency resonance co-exist and influence each other. This work is the winner of the 8th Digital Art Award Taipei 2013.

Chang Yung-Ta holds an MFA in Technological Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. His work includes various forms, such as sound-image, experimental sound, sound installation and live performance. Chang pays attention to subtle changes taking place in daily life and physical phenomena and sounds that are easily ignored. He represents his observations through spatial installations, attempting to awaken the bodily senses to experience and explore today's excessively visual-oriented environment. In recent years, he has consistently collaborated with dancers and musicians, exhibiting as well as performing in various groups exhibitions and art festivals in Asia, Europe, and North and South America.

Media: Bass Shaker 、 Black Pigment 、 Water 、 LED Panel 、 Black Painted 、 Iron with Matte 、 Computer 、 Computer Program / Year:2013